- “The one-on-one sessions with Shaan over two years during 2013-14 was a period that helped me recognize or come closer to who I really was, how the conflicts outside were mere representations of the conflicts within me, of insights into why so many painful patterns were repeating themselves in my life, and I came out of therapy feeling lighter, freer, and more connected with self, and also with a change in career that’s an expression of who I am. Shaan has a way of leading the client deeper within through psychological and energetic interventions. I see her as a psychological healer. Shaan and her work deserve recognition.” (Mumbai)

- “Shaan was the answer to my long drawn search for a therapist who used metaphysical and spiritual principles as fervently as traditional psychotherapy. In my time with her I have made some huge strides on my path to self-discovery and healing. In addition to countless AHA and life changing moments, I started to understand not just my journey but more so my own role within it. It has been a beautiful unfolding albeit not always an easy one (to say the least). But having Shaan by your side (and she always is, in or out of session) has given me the courage and inspiration to persevere and carry on ! It has without doubt been my best investment of time, effort and resources – there is no better journey than the one that takes you back to you! Thank you Shaan for giving me the strength, support and courage to embark upon it with awareness and faith! (Mumbai)

- “It has been a highly positive and transformative journey for me working with Shaan. She knows just how to get you to the places you need to get to in order to move forward from patterns you need to let go of. I like that Shaan uses a variety of techniques in her therapy, it means that there is always something that supports where you are in the moment. I’d highly recommend working with Shaan if you have the opportunity.” (Hong Kong)

- “Meeting Shaan accidentally was probably the best thing that ever happened to me. She pulled the curtains off my eyes and the mysteries of relationships with other people- family, friends, romantic relationships and especially with myself started to make real sense. Besides sharing her knowledge with great intuition and care she also motivated me to believe that change is possible for everyone and we do not need to be stuck to the same” hamster” wheel forever.” (Germany)

- “I recently got married and moved to a new country. I found it very hard to adjust to my new life and relate to people around me. This led me to feel excluded, lonely, and depressed. However meeting Shaan changed my life. She made me look into the past and analyse incidents with a different perspective, which helped me connect the dots to my present situation. She has been extremely encouraging, always pushing me to see the positive parts of my personality and embrace who I really am. She brings me closer to my truth and I leave every session with a little more purpose. Shaan breaks the mould of conventional therapy – she not only listens to your mind and body but also to your heart and soul.” (Dubai)

- " I met Shaan a few months ago (she came highly recommended by a close  friend)  and I am so grateful to be working with such a wonderful  therapist! Before meeting Shaan, I tired a few therapists (in India and  the US) but It was a real struggle to find someone that I could connect  with. Shaan is so easy to talk to and is extremely warm and nurturing but  still manages to push me to think deeper and deal with uncomfortable  situations and unhealthy life patterns. Our sessions are not only  surface level talk, nor are they only about making me feel better in the  present moment - Shaan has really helped me dig deeper to identify  thought patterns that have dictated the way I have lived my life. Shaan pushed me to think seriously about certain issues and is  facilitating the "work"  that is needed in order for me to move forward  in life and live more authentically! I love that Shaan  uses a holistic approach and is extremely  compassionate and insightful. I am looking forward to working with Shaan  to continue my journey towards self exploration, self love and most  importantly living authentically! " (Mumbai)

- " Meeting Shaan regularly has been the best investment that I have made  for myself and my family. I came across her at a particularly low and  stuck point in my life. It had been a painful journey over several years  of seeking the right help and finding a path to happiness that finally  led me to her. She has a unique but very interesting style of therapy and a great  intuition. She is always available when you need her and her support and  nurturance makes you feel truly cared for. I look forward to every  session that I have with her. It has been Shaan’s deep understanding of my emotions and thoughts that  has helped me develop courage to become happy, stay true to myself and  not be constantly pulled down by my negativity. I feel freer and more complete today than I ever have before. I know  that I have a long way to go but am excited to see my life progress with  her by my side. 

Thank you Shaan for helping me fill such a big void!" (Mumbai)

-" I’ve been seeking balance to my issues and emotions for a long time.  I’ve tried a lot of different self-awareness techniques but have found  myself come back to the same repetitive pattern.  I met Shaan earlier  this year at a workshop and found her method a bit different. She is  certainly like no other psychologist I’ve ever interacted with. I  started one on one sessions with her where she did a combination of  shamanism, psychotherapy, astrology, which made me realize the areas of  my life that needed work to get me closer to my authentic self (free  from all the conditioning).  It was through a three-day intense group workshop with her where I had a  major emotional breakthrough. I did not expect to get so many answers  in such a short time of my self-awareness journey. Clarity dawned on me  and the work had begun. By teaching us various concepts, I am able to slowly identify my  patterns. The work is hard but extremely  liberating. Her intuition and reading of my energy has been so amazingly accurate  that I asked her to work on the energy of my home. It’s only been a  week, but there has been such a massive positive shift in our  environment. As I continue to work with her on myself I have no doubt  that she will help me break free and live in complete harmony. She  always finds the time to reply to me when I need her. Through her group  workshop she has introduced me a set of people whom I can grow with  through this journey and be truly authentic with amidst the hustle and  bustle of a maddening city. Thank You Shaan. Love, Light & Immense  Gratitude." (Mumbai)