Private Consultation


For Shaan working one on one with individuals is a process that gives her the deepest satisfaction. As she tunes completely into the client, their system starts to speak to her and within the first session she is able to diagnose the core issue and the magic of the process begins! She feels it is her greatest privilege to be able to journey with the client to their core, understanding the origin of their pain and slowly start to discover the pathways to healing. Her gift of intuition leads her to a “knowing” of exactly what to do and how to proceed. It never ceases to amaze her how in a sense spirit works through her to support the person on their path. She integrates all the she has learnt and practiced over the past 20 years and with each client she takes them as deep as they are ready to go. She offers herself up completely to the energy of the person sitting in front of her, with the humility of having walked the difficult and beautiful path of transformation, allowing and supporting her client to take their own journey … 

Although she is working at the spiritual, metaphysical core of the individual, she works within a strong psychological base, primarily that of TA (transactional analysis) and Gestalt. She turns to whatever modality is needed at that moment to help the client piece another part of the puzzle together becoming more integrated each time a discovery and connection is made. There is an order and system to the work as much as there is flow. To return to our true Nature is the goal of her practice - for each one to return to their natural state – to know their essence. For this she continually returns to and draws her greatest inspiration form Nature where there is order and structure as well as total surrender to the flow …


Shaan offers a variety of self awareness workshops ranging from half day to intensive retreats of 3 - 5 days. These have been specifically designed to help us connect to our fundamental selves and open up to the awareness process. She uses TA, gestalt, shamanic practices, subconscious processes, dream work to help reclaim our hidden aspects to become whole again. An environment is created for an experiential journey and awareness within the group setting deepens our awareness and also provides the necessary empathy to journey inwards.

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Skype and Facetime sessions

Shaan offers sessions on Skype and FaceTime through which she has been working regularly with her vast international client base.